Hello. Thanks for visiting this site. My name is Matt. I am a Husband, Parent, Son and disciple. I Love my Family, Music, Learning, Conversations over Food, Ale, Coffee (all together and I’m really happy), I support Norwich City and also like cycling, reading, films, theology and politics.

I am entering my 5th decade of life, celebrating my 40th birthday and wanting to do it in a fun, creative, challenging and memorable way. I’m intending to ‘experience’ 40 things over the year. My intention is as follows:

10 Experiences ( I’ve now had 8 amazing experiences including a first ever visit to Wimbledon for the Tennis, A Meal at Jamie Oliver’s 15 Restaurant, Who’s Line is it Anyway Live and A Full Tour of Fullers Brewery )

10 Challenges (Starting with a 40 mile cycle and a Screen Free week I’ve also played an open mic night and completed a week long dressing up challenge. I have more lined up for 2017)

10 Journeys (A long Beach Walk with my sister, A ride on Europe’s shortest branch line, An interactive Labyrinth walk around The City of London and new places in Cornwall plus many more in 2o17)

10 Things made or created (I’ve written Liturgy, Baked a new cake for the first time, Curated a Gig, Hosted a Radiohead listening weekend and also have more planned for 2017)