Creation 10: Toast Ale

Ok, so I haven’t gone as far as brewing my own beer, but having taken the step to invest in the Toast Ale crowdfunder, the beer has arrived and I also got to go to the re-launch/toast heroes celebration party last week with my friend and fellow lover of all things ale Mr Tom Baker. It was a really cracking night out as the pictures and words will hopefully convey, and great to be able to sample the new beers as well as enjoy the tried and tested and loved pale ale.

The toast heroes party took place in the yard of Five Points Brewing Co where Toast have an office and a place from which to have a base. It was a beautiful summery evening and a great atmosphere. Very generously each guest had a bar tab of up to 6 bottles of Toast (we had 4 each as it was a Thursday night, and we also had a cheeky pre party beer in a nearby pub) and a delicious sub and fries meal to chomp on and help us sustain our drinking and sense of being at least only semi under the influence/drunk!

All 3 beers were very good, we began with the craft lager, which whilst good felt like it was a little on the sweet side. However you could tell it was a great beer and since sampling more I am even more of a fan of it now. Next up I went back to the tried and tested old faithful of the original pale ale and then saved the best to last by sampling the new session IPA.

Chief Toaster Rob Wilson said a few words at the party to thank us for investing and why they are so passionate about making good beer and tackling the challenge of food waste. His brilliant Tedx Exeter talk is well worth 7 mins of your time IMHO

After resampling our favourite ale and voting for the new IPA as our favoured beer of the 3 we decided to call it a night, very happy with all the beers and food we got to try. However, the story does not end there for me, as this Toast Ale investment is the gift/creation/investment that keeps on giving. I was in Norfolk for the weekend after the party and shared some Toast with my Dad, Both my Brother’s in Law and my Sister and Sister in Law.

Then a few days later I had some friends round and shared more of the Toast love. I’m also taking at least 15 bottles to an annual gathering with 4 friends so that they can sample at least 1 of each of the range.

I’m glad I raised a Toast, money very well spent and such a great night out, and so great that I can share the beers with friends and family.


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