This (ad) venture is almost at the end

I’m now just 3 short weeks away from celebrating my 41st birthday and therefore being at the end of this venture of celebrating being 40 years old in 40 ways. The world feels like it has changed hugely over the course of this past year. The Brexit Vote, Trump being elected, a UK General election called and much more besides. Personally it’s also felt like a big shift with my daughter nearing the end of her primary school years and so much else also seemingly changing.

The ingredients of experience (aka celebration), challenge, creating and taking journeys, for me still feel like an excellent and fitting way to mark this significant year, and even in the midst of great turmoil and turbulence politically and in society, a really good way to stay rooted, connected and able to embrace something of the fullness of this life. Life in all it’s fullness is challenging but also rich with the opportunity to collaborate, understand and celebrate together. I’m thankful that in the midst of this year I have been able to experience such a range of things.

I’ve completed all of my 10 journeys and all of my 10 things I made/created. I’ve now embarked upon 9 out of my 10 challenges, with just 40 hours of silence that remains in this series, ok that and 3 more Harry Potter books to read, that I will clearly fail to achieve.

I’ve also had 9 out of my 10 experiences and having had to cancel experience number 10 (A Bon Iver gig, sob sob) I am pleased that I have found a fitting replacement (at the same London venue no less) in the form of seeing Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard, which will be a real treat and a delightful way to end this epic year.


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