Challenge 9: 40 parks in 1 day

Picking up the ’40’ theme this challenge was about visiting 40 different parks in London in the same day. I took on this challenge in 2 parts with a ‘break’ in the middle where I still managed to visit 2 parks!

The Morning – 21 parks


Ealing is thought to be one of the more ‘green’ London borough’s in terms of trees and green open spaces. Here is the route I took in the morning to take in quite a few of the parks in the borough. It was good to visit a few parks that I had never heard of or been to before.
Route 1 Leg 1 – 10 Parks – Starting at Southall Park, ending at Ravenor Park –  10.1 Miles 

Route 1 Leg 2 – 11 Parks – Perevale Park to Osterley Park – 10.8 Miles 

The middle of the day break – 2 parks

It was great to take a break after the first route and head into London. My Daughter was bound for Wembley for the Women’s FA Cup Final, but before that we managed to visit Kensington Gardens and Portabello Road, and then a cheeky trip to Dean Gardens on the way back to Wembley drop off and then for me the house to get back on the bike for the afternoon route!

The Afternoon – 17 parks

Route 2 Leg 1 – 8 Parks – Wolf Fields to Kneller Gardens – 9.5 Miles 
Route 2 Leg 2 – 9 Parks – Strawberry Woods to Syon Park – 14.4 Miles 
Here I am at the end of the journey at Syon Park, in celebration mode! It was a brilliant experience and a really good challenge to take on. I love the freedom of cycling through parks and visiting lots of places that I maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise and finding some hidden gems, especially in the afternoon finding Strawberry Woods, Crane Park and Radanor Park as well as enjoying the delights of Bushy, Richmond, Syon and Osterley Parks and their expansive beauty. 9 challenges down (well 8 1/2 actually as I’m still reading Harry Potter) and just 1 more to go!

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