At Journey’s end – My 10 Journeys in the series 2016-17

Having set out to embrace 10 experiences, 10 challenges, 1o creations and 10 journeys in this 40th birthday year/extravaganza, it is my series of journeys that I have completed first. From the beginnings on a Norfolk beach barefooted in the sunshine to ending on some glorious Cornish beaches, again soaked in the sun, it’s been a great series of adventures. I have absolutely loved travelling a lot more by train and all the freedom’s that bring in terms of scenery, new perspectives, reading and listening to music. Visiting Yorkminster and the beauty of world heritage site Saltaire was a real highlight along with the beauty of Steep and the poetry retreat, but to be honest, although all these journeys have remained in England and not ventured beyond let alone overseas, each one of them has been precious, memorable and a great thing to encounter and experience.

Journey 1: It began on a Beach with my sister

Journey 2: Part 1 of the Cornish journeys. It didn’t begin well, but it was well and truly worth the wait

Journey 3: Seeing London, History, My story and Mark’s Gospel with fresh eyes and new insight

Journey 4: The Midlands and Riding Europe’s shortest branch line!

Journey’s 5 and 6: Yorkshire, including a world heritage site and London in the same week

Journey 7: Manchester

Journey 8: Winchester and Steep, for a poetry retreat!

Journey 9: Nottingham for the Nomad Podcast Gathering

Journey 10: Cornwall Part 2


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