Plotting for Challenges 9 and 10: 40 parks in a day and 40 hours silence

Having continued to put off my challenge of having 40 hours silence, I’ve now come up with a new idea to jump that silence experience further down the challenge queue! With just 2 of my challenges to complete, I’m trying my best to avoid the silence!

I’m planning to visit 40 parks in one day on Sunday 14 May.

As a resident of the London Borough of Ealing, I Apparently live in one of London’s greenest borough’s and am spoilt for choice at the number of park’s I could visit in the borough!

I would like to get further afield and maybe even into some of the more well known parks in London, but if I can do it all in my borough and surroundings and on my bike then all the better!

To date I’ve managed to raise £1995 for Tearfund and Refugee Support Network from this year’s challenges and the gig that I helped to organise for RSN. This link combined with my Mean Bean Total and £700 raised at the RSN gig is how I get to my total, which includes Gift Aid.

This 40 parks in one day challenge will be my final effort to raise any funds, and I’m a bit unsure about how much to push it, as I’ve already been amazed at how generous family and friends have been.

And despite this challenge further delaying my 40 hours of silence, I’m not going to be escaping that challenge (which I am actually trying to embrace as an experience rather than something to endure, but hey as life and this year is continuing to teach me, I should not box in something to one category as many of my challenges have also been experiences, and/or things I have created/journeyed with etc) of silence!

I’m planning 40 hours of silence for my 10th and final challenge from 1-3 June


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