Creations 10: Raising a Toast

Beer is a wonderful thing, and so is bread, and when the latter can be used to create the former, especially when it’s bread that would otherwise just go to waste, its a win win all round!

Toast Ale is an excellent idea and they have invited people to take their idea to the next level. I was very happy to oblige!

I have been a fan of Toast Ale for a while, and now I’ve had the chance to get a bit more involved. They have run a successful crowdfunder, which I have invested in, to co-create their next chapter / stage of their journey.

So, for my 10th and final creation I have invested/co-created in a project I believe in, and I want to then ‘pay that forward’ and create/host an evening with friends where we get to sample the produce!

I get to go to their re-launch party in May and then as part of my investment I will be getting 48 beers – 16 of each of the new range of 3. I’m looking forward to sharing this with others and sampling these beers.

Having had a beer cake to celebrate my 40th birthday at the start of the year, it will be nice to close off the celebrations with this investment and opportunity to share that with others.


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