Experience 9: Lisa Hannigan at The Roundhouse

I love the Roundhouse, its up there as one of my fave London venues. I’ve seen Foy Vance, The Staves, Matt Corby and Jonny Greenwood with The London Contemporary Orchestra play there (sadly not Radiohead last year, but this list PLUS the amazing Lisa Hannigan is a pretty good one) and on this night in Late January I got to see Lisa Hannigan play there in the round as well.

Ever since first hearing her amazing voice on Damien Rice’s debut album O, I was hooked and convinced that Lisa Hannigan was a special artist. I finally got to see Damien Rice soon after He and Lisa went their separate ways, and whilst the Damien Rice gig was still amazing, I really missed Lisa’s vocals that night.

Having loved her debut solo album and also the follow up Passengers, as soon as I heard her latest album ‘At Swim’ I knew I wanted to see her live.

Lisa and her band were amazing from the off, coming on stage to a very loud round of applause, they very quickly had us captivated with their sound, musicianship and of course Lisa with ‘that voice’. The songs from ‘At Swim’ sounded great live, and with Undertow, we even got a mini section of it sung backwards, as an ode to the video for the song, which visually goes backwards. Truly incredible.

The on stage banter was not exactly flowing, but we didn’t need it anyway as the sound and voice were so incredible we were just swept away in awe and wonder. Lisa introduced the song ‘Snow’ as a protest song and reflected on the turbulent times were were and indeed are in. The beauty of the song felt more about balm, peace and rest than protest, but in its own way, it was subverting and very special and gave a glimmer of hope and beauty to the world.

After a stunning set, I was then even further wowed by Lisa and two of the band returning at the start of the encore to sing an a capella ‘Anahorish‘ which was just stunningly beautiful.

A truly great gig, and in light of knowing that experience 10 was sadly not going to be seeing Bon Iver, due to his UK gigs being cancelled, this felt like a really good moment to just be thankful to be alive and thankful for such great music.

This review of the gig is really good and the photos are also much better than mine.



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