Experience 8: Brentford v Norwich

This experience actually happened way back on New Years Eve, 31 Decemeber 2016, but somehow I forgot to get around to writing about it. This was special in a number of ways – My first time to see my local team, Brentford, in a league game. The first time in a very long time to see Norwich, the team I support, in an away game. The first time I had gone to a game just with mt daughter. It was a somewhat different experience to our day together at Wimbledon last summer!

We arrived early, super early in fact, to take in and soak up the atmosphere. By arriving early we walked past Delia Smith and her husband, who were just casually walking down a Brentford street, on their way into the ground.

Hopes and expectations were mixed as Norwich had been struggling for form, and whilst confidence was low, the Christmas spirit and an expectation of goals gave us hope that this would be a good game.

Unfortunately the game was not that great, and even more unfortunately it ended in a 0-0 draw. Not what we had hoped for or expected.

We were sat with the Brentford fans, so we had to be on our best behaviour, but despite Cameron Jerome having 2 really good chances, we never got to take the risk and cheer, or sit on our hands and let out a little yelp, as no goals were scored.

The Buzz and excitement, atmosphere, shared experience and expectation still made this a really great experience, but it would have been so much better if Norwich had won or at the very least if it had been a score draw.

In the end, the game, like Norwich’s season, did frustrate and leave a sense of bewildered disappointment as to how it could not have been better, when it really should have been.

Thanks Brentford for a good late afternoon and evening out and thanks Norwich for letting us see Robbie Brady play before he left.

Here’s to next season, and if we do go again to the same fixture, and I hope we do, lets see a better game and definitely some goals!


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