Creation 7 – Music Club

Music has been a growing and significant feature of my 40 ways to celebrate 40 with the Radiohead Listening Weekend, playing my first open mic night, the RSN fundraiser gig and more recently doing February Album Writing Month (FAWM).

The idea of bringing people together to listen to music and share an experience, tell stories about music they love and to widen our listening and ideas came to me when in a moment of grief and lament about the state of the world I put together a playlist called ‘Reality, Grief, Hope‘. The name came from reading a Walter Brueggemann  book of the same name whilst reflecting on the turbulent political times and the sense of loss of a good number of artists and prophets in the same year.

So, by way of creating the opportunity for a shared experience and to kick out the January Blues I set up a monthly music club. The January playlist, focusing on new and forthcoming music I was excited about, was well received and people found it to be a very enjoyable and enriching experience. So we collaborated on a shared play list for February, based around the theme of Love as we met so close to Valentine’s day.

We are in the process of doing the same for March. It’s a fun and beautiful thing to bring people together and hear why people have chosen a track and to enjoy the music.

It may be just a short term thing we do 5 or 6 times and call it a day, it may carry on, but right now its just good to take some time out, come together and listen to great music.






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