Challenge 9 – 40 hours of awakened silence aka I can’t count sleep!

Originally I had intended to take on this challenge (but wanting very much to do it and see it as an experience really rather than a challenge to complete, but I know it will be a challenge and one in terms of actually doing it and also what emerges from it and what it throws up/open in the process) in February. However with writing an album and playing the minimalism game as challenges, 3 in a month felt to much as well as it not being a good way to be really present and with my family.

However it was a mere postponing as opposed to a full out cancellation and so at the beginning of April, during the season of Lent, I will take 40 hours – not 40 days and nights – to be present in silence and to create some space to pray, rest, reflect, recharge and refocus.

It feels like a great and very timely opportunity. I will have recently been part of the day of Soulfulness and having intentionally stepped back and had a break/sabbatical from leading any sung worship, I wanted to create some space for renewal and reimagining, and this time is a gift for that.

I was really struck in listening to Brian Draper’s Lent Podcast for Nomad on the Transforming power of stillness, just how rushed, stressed, over active and under being present to listen and rest I have been recently.

In writing some of the songs I did in February, this one on the unforced rhythms of grace, really was an outpouring of the heart based on the outstanding Eugene Peterson translation The Message of Matthew 11:28-30.

The challenge/experience will be over 3 days pausing/breaking only for 6 hours sleep/rest on each of the two nights.

Saturday 1 April: 6am – Midnight (18 Hours)

Sunday 2 April: 6am – Midnight (18 Hours)

Monday 3 April: 6-10am (4 Hours)



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