Challenge 8 – The Mean Bean Challenge

From Monday 27 – Fri 31 March I am going to be taking on The Mean Bean Challenge for Tearfund for the next in my overall series of challenges in this year.

I did this challenge back in 2011, and as well as being really surprised about just how little I knew of what it feels like in a very small way to feel hungry, I was equally shocked at how reliant I am on Caffeine and experienced some pretty unexpected withdrawals. I was also stunned about how readily available food is and how so easily I snack and eat without thinking and taking food for granted.

Here’s a small reason why I am doing this. Lyson is a 38-year-old farmer from Malawi. Because of climate change he’s not had a good harvest this year. It’s so bad that he has to mix his family’s normal food with pig food – yes, pig food. I’m fundraising for Tearfund to help make sure families like Lyson’s can learn sustainable and innovative farming methods. Every £10 I raise can help train farmers to produce a harvest even when the weather conditions are against them.

I’ve already embarked on a fair few challenges during my 40th birthday year of celebrations. This is one final one for Tearfund as part of the 2017 Mean Bean Challenge. I will be eating a plain diet of rice and beans and water for 5 days to raise awareness of Tearfund’s work in Malawi and to raise support to enable families like Lyson’s to be given the opportunity to thrive and flourish. I visited Malawi in 2009 and spent time with families like Lyson’s and know the importance of this vital work to bring hope and transformation.

If you would like to find out more about The Mean Bean Campaign and Challenge, and even consider getting involved yourself then you can find out more on the Tearfund Website.

I’m already very grateful for and in awe of the support I’ve had for some of my previous challenges, but if you would like to sponsor me you can do so by visiting my fundraising page.


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