Journeys 5 and 6 – York, Saltaire and Renewing Our World in London


As well as taking on challenges, February was also about taking a couple of my journeys in my series of ten.

Journey 5: York and Saltaire


It was a great experience to head to York by train and take in the beauty of such a wonderful City. I’d never been to York before. Having grown up near Norwich, A Fine City, I had been told that parts of York would feel familiar but also that parts would still wow and create that sense of wonder and beauty. It was brilliant to walk around the cobbled streets, The Shambles and market and also visit York Minster as well as take in the beautiful architecture all around. York is also a fine city!


It’s also not every day that you get to visit and spend time in a World Heritage Site, but Saltaire is such a place. My main purpose of visiting Saltaire was to connect with and finally visit The Saltaire Canteen. I first met one of it’s founders, Duncan Milwaine just over 2 years ago and have followed and championed the project and its wider work of the Shipley Food Project and The Real Junk Food Movement.

From visiting Salt’s Mills, to taking in the beautiful buildings, Park and sitting in the cafe, it was a wonderful place and a wonderful and informative visit. Salts Mills were incredible, with art, food, history and literature all combining on several floors.

It was great to meet Duncan in the Saltaire Canteen and to catch up, hear lots of stories and also visit a warehouse and wider context of their work and mission.


In the same week, it was also nice to hear about and invest in the next stage of the Toast Ale Journey  as Bread is one of the most wasted food items. I’m looking forward to working on the issues of Food Waste more in my work with Tearfund

Journey 6: Renew Our World Prayer Vigil in London


Tearfund have today helped to launch a new campaign called ‘Renew Our World

Hunger and climate change steal security, but thankfully, the church gives hope. That is why Tearfund are joining with churches around the world in the Renew Our World campaign.

One in six people around the world have no access to electricity which means, no light for children to study in the evenings or women to go the toilet safely at night and, no power for fridges to store medicine. But, we have an opportunity to put that right and do it sustainably. Now solar panels and large-scale batteries are cheap enough to bring affordable electricity even in remote places, a huge transformation is possible. There’s no need for a community to wait to be linked up to an expensive electricity grid powered by polluting fossil fuels.


This campaign is global , launching in 8 countries with multiple partners and alliances, with the aim of growing. Australia, Brazil and Nigeria are 3 of the countries alongside the UK who are involved in the campaign, and so last night we walked to The Australian, Brazilian and Nigerian Embassies in London to pray, before ending in Westminster at Parliament to pray for our UK Government and political leaders. It was a great walk and a great way to pray for the campaign on its launch. This is the 2nd ‘London’ journey after the Labyrinth around the ‘City of London’ with Matt Valler. It felt good to do something that was bigger than myself, to join with others and begin this campaign in this way.





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