10 Challenges leading to 10 bigger questions – ‘It’s all about the tension’


As I set out on this year of adventure/experience/challenge/journey and creation I always sensed that it was going to be an adventure in exploring the tension between ‘event’  and forming/forging ways of life and living that would be more sustainable into the long term. This was a lesson that I wanted to heed from the way I approached a similar idea I had back in 2012, and through lots of conversations with colleagues, friends and loved one’s about the importance of living well for the long haul

That said, I recognise that I am a real sucker for an ‘event’ and love experiencing things in the moment!

  • I’m more naturally a go with the flow rather than plan person
  • I love gigs, sporting events, shows, moments, marches, key dates and curating and organising events and gatherings.

As I look at my challenges I’ve completed and the one’s I’m still yet to take, I am slowly beginning to realise that each one of them is leading to a bigger, wider question for how I live.

  • After a 40 mile cycle – How do I build the Rhythm of cycling and exercise into life more consistently?
  • After a screen free week – How do I create more regular rhythms of being phone/tech free? Do I need a regular/weekly digital Sabbath? 
  • Having set out to read the Harry Potter Books How do I ensure I am reading more narrative and stories on a consistent basis?
  • Having dressed up for a week and played an open mic night. How do I keep creating moments that take me out of my comfort zone and enable me to take some risks?
  • As I am about to embark on an intense writing period. How do I regularly create space for writing/creating?
  • As I embrace a weekend of silence. How do I regularly create a rhythm of prayer, reflection, retreats and silence?
  • As I plan for taking the minimalists game challenge. How do I find life and create a rhythm of contentment?
  • As I take the Mean Bean Challenge. How do I eat well, with gratitude, healthily and not indulgently or wastefully?
  • As I plan to play Footgolf and Pitch and Putt for a whole day. How do I create more space and time to do these things in a less full on and intense way? 

A friend of mine said that he wanted to get me a gift of a personal printed T-Shirt with the slogan…. ‘ Its all about the tension’ as he thinks its my catchphrase/embodies how I live (I’ve even demonstrated it in that last / as I did in my opening sentence).  The now and the not yet, becoming more comfortable with ambiguity and my slightly unfortunate personality of not being great at making decisions, are all formative things and phases in my life that lead me to play on the ‘tension’ more.

Whilst I will always remain a ‘be in the moment’ kind of person, and love the freshness and newness of new experiences and moments, I am becoming more convinced that longer term ways of practice and living in rhythms really are more life giving and vital.

I want to take these questions and dig deeper and build ways in which I can live more sustainably and more long term, whilst still being open to ‘the moment’.


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