Experience 10 – In need of a fitting alternative – Boo Hoo


I am extremely thankful and grateful for the range and brilliance of each of the experiences I have had as part of the overall 40 ways celebrations. The Theatre, Wimbledon Tennis, Live Football, Poetry at St Paul’s, Fuller’s Brewery, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant, Bears Den+Matthew and The Atlas at Brixton Academy, Cadbury World and plans afoot for experience number nine. Its a collection of experiences that have been very memorable, incredibly enjoyable and have enabled me to enjoy my loves of Music, Food, Beer, Sport and Innovative Creation.

I was therefore immensely excited that the set of 10 was all set to be completed next month by going to See Bon Iver at The Hammersmith Apollo. They have been right at the top of my ‘want to see live’ gig dream list. I was set to go with 3 fellow big fans and had worked hard to secure the tickets in the registered pre sale. After the failed attempts in the past and with 22 a Million the new album out and massively growing on me, it was all set to be a great, dream fulfilled. However, very sadly the gig was cancelled last week and sadly not rescheduled. I do hope Bon Iver are OK. I fully accept the wonderful and genuinely heartfelt apology and the integrity and honesty…….

……..However this leaves a dilemma. What can I do instead to replace this? 

I am very thankful that I do still have another dream gig lined up for later this year (Radiohead in Manchester) but technically this is almost a month after this whole 40 ways to celebrate 40 year is over. Its the perfect comedown after an epic year.

I therefore need to find an alternative to Bon Iver that is a fitting alternative for my 10th and final experience in this overall celebration extravaganza.

One musical option could be to finally make it to Communion’s annual festival called Bushstock on 10 June (which would also be the final day of the year, the day before my 41st birthday) but other than this, I don’t have any alternatives that are massively jumping out!

Does anyone have any ideas that would be fitting such an occasion and replacement?


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