Creating and Curating – 2017 Plans


During 2016 I created and curated 6 of my overall 10 ‘creations’ as part of my overall 40 ways to celebrate being 40.

The Blog, Writing Liturgy, Curating a Radiohead Listening Weekend, Writing a song and performing it, Baking a new cake for a colleagues birthday and the highlight of co-organising/co hosting a gig for RSN at The Half Moon in Putney.

The 4 remaining creations / curations (7 – 10) planned are as follows

7) Starting a Monthly Music Club at work – I’m looking forward to this as its something different, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but somehow never got round to and it will be a nice shared experience where I will learn from others and hear new things as well as share things I love to listen to and am discovering as well. It’s starting later this month and I hope it will run for a good few months at least, and who knows, maybe beyond. I’ve created a playlist of my 2017 musical hopes and highlights with hints to new albums, gigs and anniversaries of some great albums.


8) Thursday Lunchtimes: Jan to June – An hour of Soul. I’m intentionally taking time every Thursday to have a full, soulful, life giving, fun, creative lunch hour. I started on the first Thursday in January with a beautiful walk in Bushy Park on a very cold but sunny day. Lunches Out, A Pub once a month, other walks, listening, the music club and other things that bring life are on the agenda. It should be a great oasis each week.

9) Taking a Sabbatical from Playing Worship Music in Church and Creating Space to write, create and explore fresh ideas and inspiration. Does what it says on the tin really. I’m hoping that the reading and song writing I do in February will be a catalyst for a range of conversations, ideas and creations to emerge. It will also just be nice to rest and have some more space.

10) Hosting and C0-Leading/Creating a day on ‘Soulfulness’ The venue is booked, the contributors are on board, invites have gone out and plans are developing nicely for this day in March.

All 4 of these elements are feeling very soulful, creative and life giving. Really looking forward to each of them.


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