A Minimalist, Silent, Creative February – Challenges 6-8


I’m aiming to have a minimalist, creative and partially silent February. I recognise I am aiming quite high and ambitiously in taking on 3 of my 10 challenges (Plus continuing with my Harry Potter Reading Challenge as well).

Firstly, The Minimalist Challenge will be in the form of the Minimalists Game. The idea is to reduce the number of things you own and hoard and even rely upon in how you live. We are going to play as a family. I was inspired to take up the challenge by a colleague who saw The Minimalists film over the holidays and is also taking the challenge in February.

During February each person playing must get rid of one thing on the first day. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or recycle. Whatever I get rid of, each material possession must be out of the house—and out of my life—by midnight each day.

Over the course of the first week that will be 28 items, but as it accumulates so it gets much harder. If I get to the end of week 2 then I will have got rid of 115 items! That’s my minimum aim and I would be happy with that. Going into the 3rd week would surely mean saying goodbye to very precious CD’s, Books and DVD’s rather than one’s that I can definitely live without! Clothes and heading up into the loft are also going to be key. Bring on the decluttering


Secondly, At the same time as starting the minimalists game challenge I will also be embarking upon writing an album during FAWM (February Album Writing Month). It coincides with embarking upon a ‘Sabbatical’ / break from playing worship music in church and at work which has been inspired by a combination of questions, tiredness and the time being right. I wrote a song in Autumn 2016 and played an open mic night in an earlier challenge. I also played a lot of Radiohead covers as part of the listening weekend. It will be good to take up the challenge.


Thirdly, I am in the midst of these challenges also going to have a period of 40 hours of awake silence over the weekend of 10-12 February. This won’t include my sleep over that weekend so I will do the following periods in silence.

Friday: 6pm – Midnight (6 Hours)

Saturday: 6am – Midnight (18 Hours) 

Sunday: 7am – 11pm (16 Hours) 

I will be silent in not speaking, not listening to music, silent from TV and any gadgets and being online. I’m planning to take the Saturday as more of a ‘retreat’ but the Friday and Sunday will be in the midst of Family and life. I’m going to raise money for Refugee Support Network, but this is a secondary/additional motivation. The main thing is silence, creating space to be still, to listen to what is around me and to others more intently.

It promises to be an enriching and life giving month – Less is More!



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