2017 Journeys – 5 taken and 5 to take


Having written about my, experiences, challenges and creations, I wanted to complete my set by reflecting on my journeys taken and plans for the one’s I’m intending to take in 2017.

A walk along a sunny beach with my sister, visiting friends and 3 new places in Cornwall, A Labyrinth style walk through The City of London with a good friend, Riding Europe’s shortest branch line train on a visit to Stourbridge and a year ending Advent journey of reflection with Brian Draper have all been wonderful in their own diverse and brilliant way.

2017 Journeys 

3 definite / priority journeys 

Ealing Broadway to East London. From home now in West London to my home of my birth in East London and taking time to visit Redbridge, Gants Hill, Barkingside, Fairlop and Hainault. I want to do this with my Dad as my fellow traveller and guide and hear his stories, memories and tales of my very early childhood years.

Nottingham. A Double headed journey of physically going to Nottingham and also taking part in the Nomad Podcast Weekend Gathering. I’m a huge fan of the Podcast and it will be great to gather with its creators and lots of fellow listeners. Booked and in the bag for April.

Saltaire. I’m really keen to visit this town for its beauty and history and to also pay a visit to the Saltaire Canteen, which I did some work with back in 2014-15.

3 possibilties / ideas

Norwich – Rediscovered/Reimagined. A Pilgrimage. I’ve only been to Norwich a handful of times since my Parents moved away from Mid Norfolk in the Late 1990’s. I’m keen to do this Pilgrimage walk.

London – Monopoly Extravaganza – I have this somewhat crazed idea of visiting each of the monopoly board locations. If this does not happen then I quite fancy this beer themed ‘journey’ / walk 

Bristol or Another City Break – I would love to visit Bristol or another City for a weekend.



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