It’s the end of the year….. Bring on 2017


2016 has been a memorable, epic and significant year on a great number of levels. Musically (in deaths but also in albums), Politically, Spiritually and also personally as I have turned 40 and embraced it and celebrated it through this series of 40 ways to celebrate 40.

The tension of lament and hope of fear and love casting out that fear is expressed so well in this Google review of the year. In the midst of great darkness… Hope, Love and Light is out there. Fear not

Ever since reading a profoundly resonant blog on worship songs, I’ve been drawn to and reminded time and again in talks, blogs and conversations about the music of Leonard Cohen. This reflection from Lord Sachs in particular really spoke to me.

As I Pause and come to the end of the Calendar year and take a mini break from my 40 ways 40 adventures I am thankful that I have embarked on over half of my intended ‘ways’ of celebrating being 40. Here is a summary of what I have experienced and some highlights.

8 Experiences – Including a 1st visit to Wimbledon, Fullers Brewery, Cadbury World and Jamie Olivers Fifteen plus some live Theatre, Music and Sport.

5 Challenges – Including a 40 mile cycle, a screen free week, playing an open mic night and dressing up in lots of amusing/colourful clothes.

5 Journeys – Including exploring Truro and a new part of the Cornish coast, a ride on Europe’s shortest branch line and an interactive Labyrinth walk in the City of London.

7 Creations – Including making Ganache for the first time, Curating a gig and a Radiohead listening weekend and writing a song and a piece of liturgy.

As I enter 2017 I have quite a few challenges and journeys that remain, as well as a smattering of experiences and creations. Here’s to the 2nd half of the journey!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2017



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