Challenge 4: 40 items of Crazy, Colourful Clothing Mon 12 – Sun 18 Dec

Following the 40 mile cycle, screen free week and playing an open mic gig my 4th challenge going to be a fundraiser for Tearfund. From dressing up in a Banana costume through to a blonde wig and lots of pink in Ikea, I chose to wear 40 items of crazy, colourful clothing over the course of a week.

Here’s how the week played out.

Monday 12 Dec – International Day – From Maasai Shawls to Afghan hats and much more besides, I began the week dressed up in global clothing of various colours and nationalities.

Tuesday 13 Dec – Campaigns Day  – I wore a range of clothes connected to campaigns I have supported through the years. Fair Trade was represented by wearing a full size Banana costume. There will be some high heels for Restored / First Man Standing and a host of other delights.

Wednesday 14 Dec – Mr Tumnus  – I think this was the one that caused the most reaction! Some people loved it and laughed and some were a little bit disturbed. It was definitely a Marmite character and it definitely boosted the fundraising.

Thursday 15 Dec – Christmas Day – As well as an outlandish jumper, I wore a range of decorations, silly hats and other such things to ensure I stood out around the office and at the work Christmas event.

Friday 16 Dec – Pirate Day – Yes I channeled my inner Captain Jack Sparrow and donned a Pirate Costume with extra trinkets to help me towards the 40 target over the week.

Saturday 17 Dec – Pink Day with a twist – Dressed up a bit differently for a trip to IKEA!

Sunday 18 December – I actually reached the 40 items with my efforts from Monday to Saturday so I took a selection of items from the week and wore some to church that morning and some different one’s to church in the evening for Carols by Candlelight.

It was amazing to build support over the week. Thanks for all the sponsorship.


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