Experience 7: Cadbury World



Lets face it, this experience was always going to be primarily about the Chocolate! Tasting it, seeing it being made and learning more about it, whilst reminiscing about adverts and diving into vats of chocolate in the 4D Chocolate Adventure experience.

However, as the image above shows, the Cadbury World experience also offers the opportunity to learn about and reflect on this history of this great company, and the values, ethos ans ethics that drove and inspired The Cadbury’s to see their business as way more than just about making good chocolate and good money. The tour and the interactive Bourneville Experience enabled us to dig deeper into the numerous ways in which this business sought to make a difference and be a force for good in the world alongside making profits. The film that we sat and watched talking about pioneering workers rights, supporting community initiatives, pioneering aspects of fair trade in Ghana and other locations and how in a changing world those values remain important was refreshing and inspiring.

The whole experience was a very good one, with lots of ways to engage and interact, recognising the value of different learning styles. The 4D Cinema and the tasting and making chocolate zones were great highlights, as was a trip down memory lane in Advertising Avenue, and the history mixed with the look to the present and the future. In fact the only mild disappointment was that earlier this year the operational factory as part of the tour closed (paving the way for the future) and as of yet there is nothing to replace it. So what could have been a highlight turned out to be a low key walk around lots of info and colourful boards, with just a sneak peak into the former factory. The facts below are super cool, but left that slightly frustrated feeling of ‘this is what you could have seen’.


Still, the disappointment did not last long as having already hit the heights of lots of fun and learning we then got to taste some more chocolate and see making, tempering and other things going on, and this was done very well with all of our group being able to watch, take part and have a go at tempering chocolate. And hey, I love a good quiz, so it was great to come out of that section and capture my learning…… As you can see I am a true Cadbury’s fan!



It was a really great day out and a fabulous thing to experience with all the family. I would highly recommend it. In fact, I would say that you could easily make it a full day out. We got there at 12.30pm to experience the 4D Cinema and The Bourneville experience before our time scheduled 2 hour tour / main experience at 1.30pm, but we didn’t start the tour until nearer 1.45 and we didn’t see the family show in the marquee either. You also get given 4 bars of chocolate each at the start of the tour (I managed to only eat 1 on the way round) and there is the huge shop at the end, which offers really good prices. Overall with the 5% online discount it was good value at just over £45 for the whole family.

A fabulous way to continue celebrating my 40th birthday year.



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