Creation 6 – Curating and organising a gig – For Refugee Support Network


It was a busy and extraordinary week politically and socially last week (to say the least politically) and it was good to gather at The Half Moon in Putney to support Refugee Support Network and listen to music and be with lots of great people. Huge Thanks to everyone who supported the gig and for raising £700 for RSN. In total we sold 75 tickets in advance and 26 paid on the door! It was a great night and a great atmosphere and spirit to the whole thing. Thanks to the artists and all who came. You are fantastic. And a huge thanks to RSN and the brilliant Emily Bowerman for all the support and work they also put into it before and on the night.


David Benjamin Blower kicked off the evening with a set drawing on material from his quite remarkable, break taking and deeply profound album ‘Welcome The Stranger‘. He bravely and boldly played the set without applause (until the end) and with lots of storytelling, dry humour and deep respect. He had the room captivated. It was uncomfortable at times, but profoundly stirring and moving. He is an amazing storyteller through the medium of song. Do Buy the album and if you like/liked David then he may be open to playing some more gigs/events.


Jess Hall then took to the stage (after an excellent short talk on the amazing work of RSN by Emily Bowerman) with her soulful folk, and from the opening song and right through her set she had the crowd captivated and enthralled with her amazing voice and well crafted and story based songs. Jess was brave enough to do a couple of ‘folk’ songs A Capella, which was simply beautiful, especially her version of ‘I will Give My Love an Apple‘ which I first heard Iona’s Joanne Hogg sing a number of years ago and have always loved ever since.


Yakobo (aka James Currey, who is my flesh and blood brother) took to the stage to close out the night. Loops, Great Vocals Acoustic and Electric Guitars were out in full force as He played songs from his 2 recent EP’s’ The Passage of Time‘ and ‘Wander in the Wilderness‘ as well as older material. It was a great set to close out a great night.

Great Music for a Great Cause still sums it up the best! What a night.




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