Journey 4 – Stourbridge – Inc Europe’s Shortest Branch Line


Its been a busy couple of weeks in the 40 ways to celebrate 40 year! Hot on the heels of Creations 5 and 6 (organising/curating a gig and baking a type of cake for the 1st time) and Experiences 7 and 8 I’ve also taken my 4th journey.

Some good friends have recently moved to Stourbridge and so we took the opportunity to visit them and the town for the first time. Its a nice place, not stunningly beautiful in an immediate sense like many UK towns that could so easily have made it onto my list of journeys, but it was great to visit and see our friends and the town.


The bonus/real nugget of brilliance/comedy/geek/just being unusual is that the location lead to the discovery that as part of the ‘journey’ we could take a ride on officially Europe’s shortest branch line trains, a whopping 0.8 Miles (3 mins) from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town. Such is the fame and importance of this line that its even features on Michael Portillo’s #Sadmanonatrain ‘Great British Railway Journeys‘ series.

And all of this for just £1!


It was a great little experience and a nice bonus that my son got to ride up front and sit with and chat to the driver.





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