Journey 3 – A City of London Labyrinth


My 3rd Journey in the series was something very different from a Norfolk Beach and the Cornish mainland and coast. An epic 5 part tour of the City of London, A Labyrinth walk lead by my good friend Matt Valler who among many things heads up the innovative Alchemy project. Matt has developed an idea of reading/hacking/experiencing the stories and cultures of a city in an interactive and immersive way, through stories, through walking, through observing, asking questions and exploring what those stories might mean for us and the world we want to help shape and create in that space in the future, and indeed how those stories shape us.

This experiential and immersive walking tour takes in The Royal Exchange, Guildhall, London Wall, Spitalfields and St Paul’s Cathedral. At each of the 5 ‘stages’ of the journey there is space to stop, look, explore, ask questions, read the signs and the history and if so desired also read a part of Mark’s Gospel.


I began the day before the tour started by walking down Cheapside and into St Mary-le-Bow before meeting Matt at The Royal Exchange (pictured at the top of this post)

It’s fair to say that the experience was insightful, challenging, fascinating and very compelling. Matt has worked very hard to create a blend of experience, information, exploring and depth, enabling the participant to learn, ask questions and read political, biblical, cultural and historical things through the course of the Labyrinth.

Watch out in 2017 for the launch/relaunch of Alchemy where this ‘tour’ will be on offer as well as experiences to take part in other events or City Hacks. He’s been developing one in Australia as well!

After a profoundly enlightening and enjoyable, albeit challenging and stretching couiple of hours, we headed to a Fuller Pub for a Sierra Nevada and a Sandwich and to talk though some of the themes and also some ideas for future City Hacks.



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