Break on through to the other side


No, I’ve not been listening to The Doors, but my musical flavour and focus for this next stage of my 40 ways adventures did kinda kick off with a Jim Morrison reference as I embarked upon a Radiohead listening weekend. The Jim Morrison refererence is from Track 6 of Radiohead’s debut album Pablo Honey, Anyone can play guitar.

Which is a nice link as I have been playing the guitar a lot more recently. I’ve written a song called ‘Luke Warm is no good’ inspired by the above Roald Dahl quote and I’ve taken up the 3rd of my challenges by playing an open mic session at the brilliant Crabtree Pub in Fulham, hosted by London Unplugged. I highly recommend it for a great night out of free music in a good pub.


After this creation and challenge my attention is now fully turning to a gig that I am curating, organising and hosting on Thursday 10 November at The Half Moon in Putney.

The gig is to raise support for the excellent work of Refugee Support Network. You can read more about it here and why I wanted to do it, and you can also book your tickets in advance as well as pay on the door on the night.

Listening, writing, performing, organising, curating and hosting are all a joy and a delight but are also challenging me and stretching me in this phase of my overall 40th celebrations.

Having written last time about hitting the wall, It seems that I have truly broken through to the other side!

To add to the musical joy and surge of the Autumn I am also in a very celebratory mood as my final experience of my 10 experiences is set to be seeing Bon Iver next February at The Hammersmith Apollo.


The Bon Iver Album along with work from Billie Marten, Regina Spektor, Lisa Hannigan and Atoms for Peace (so late to this party) have made this an even more delightful and amazing musical autumn.


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