4 Months into my 40’s


Yes, 4 months in, and so a 1/3 of the way into this year and this whole adventure. I set out to have 10 experiences, take 10 journeys, do 10 challenges and create 10 things.

I’ve had 6 experiences and 3 more are ‘booked’ with plans also afoot for the remaining experience. When I add in Poetry in St Pauls, The i360 tower in Brighton and lots of other experiences, its been a rich season and time of celebrations and experiences as I enter my 5th decade! I am incredibly excited and thankful that my 10th and final experience looks set to be seeing Bon Iver Live next February.

I have only embarked on 1 journey so far, The wonders of a Beach Walk with my sister. However with journeys lined up to Truro, A City Labyrinth in London, Stourbridge (including a ride on the shortest commercial train line in Europe), Revisiting my roots in East London and a themed ‘journey’ on Resilience, I feel pretty relaxed about this one. Lots of ideas are emerging.

I have now embarked on 4 of my 10 challenges. The 40 Mile Cycle, Screen Free Week, Playing an Open Mic Night/Gig and Starting to Read Harry Potter (and yes to keep going and yes to my shame and utter disgrace, to embrace it all for the first time). The next challenge looks like having to wear 40 items of very silly and embarrassing clothing over a week…. That one definitely needs to be a charity fundraiser. Ideas are afoot for some others, but I’m still open to ideas and suggestions.

I have made/created 5 out of my 10 creations so far with this blog, writing liturgy, writing a song, curating a gig and hosting the Radiohead listening weekend. Making a new cake I’ve never tried before, writing some poetry, hosting a pub conversation night and the possibility of a mini retreat/gathering.

All in all its been an enriching, rewarding, celebratory, challenging and life giving 4 months! Bring on the next 8!



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