Journey 1: Hunstanton to Heacham (and back again) by foot


Hunstanton to Heacham is not a very long journey, a mere 2 miles at most, so this first of my planned/hoped for ten journeys wasn’t exactly epic or immensely challenging. However it was beautiful in its simplicity, in walking the entire way there and back along the beach while the tide was going out, the sunshine was blazing and most beautiful of all the company.

Me and my fabulous sister Jan just enjoyed so much the chance to be together, to connect, to talk, to laugh, to share struggles, stories, memories, hopes, dreams, ideas and the chance of being together in a way that does not very often happen. You see, we love our family a lot, a huge amount in fact as family is really important to us and cherished. However when we get together, its lots of us and the fun and fullness of it all is fantastic. The chance however to take time out to walk, talk, just be and get away from it all was greatly appreciated and very special indeed.

Technically this was also the walk where I actually broke my commitment to a fully fledged screen free week as I briefly for all of 3 seconds looked into my sisters phone as she took this image at the top of this blog. However to focus on that would definitely be adventures in missing the point, and legalism that even a Pharisee would find hard to top, as we embraced the joy of the moment and captured the beauty of the day, the walk, the weather and being together. And this really was the only 3 seconds where I looked at a screen all week!

This journey to kick off my series of ten journeys was all about family, quality time, soaking up and drinking in the beauty and the simplicity and the freedom of it all. My journeys that remain will be longer, more challenging, more varied and more in many other ways…. but they won’t be this slow, cherished, simple or able to capture what a joy it was to just walk and be with my beautiful sister.

One down and nine to go… Bring on the next journey!


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