Experience 4: Jamie’s Fifteen – A Taste Sensation


Having incorporated theatre/comedy, sport (Wimbledon) and beer tasting  into my opening 3 experiences it was only natural that food had to follow next! An amazing and very generous gift from my wonderful Mum and Dad was the inspiration for this experience.

I remember watching the TV series called Jamie’s Kitchen back in 2002 that birthed the concept of Fifteen and being really moved, inspired and impressed by Jamie and the whole ethos. Its pretty amazing to think back to then and the journey it must have been over the past 15 years! It was nice to see this quote on the stairs in the restaurant.


The decor, atmosphere and opening experience having a pre dinner drink (I couldn’t resist choosing a beer, which turned out to be a ‘breakfast stout’ called broken dream) set the scene and we knew we were going to be in for a great night. It was special in numerous ways, to have the luxury of our kids being away with the grandparents, a rare dinner date, the location, the special nature and after a week of painting and decorating and basic living, it felt like an extra treat and reward!

The food and whole experience that followed did not disappoint. We wisely opted to go for the 5 course tasting menu (without the wine flight) and each course was beautifully presented and tasted absolutely delicious. Here are some photos of the menu and what some of the dishes looked like. Awesome.


The second of our taster starters, The Dorset Crab


The absolutely divinely delicious and cooked to perfection tenderness of the Short Rib


What was an extra delight was that we got the bonus of 3 additional food ‘gifts’/ ‘tasters’ during the meal. Mini tartlets to begin before our starters and this delightful palate cleanser and refresher after the main courses. Delicious, thoughtful and very nice and welcome additional surprises


Pudding….. Yum


Would you like a Coffee, oh and we can throw in some delicious chocolate truffles to go with that, oh go on then!


We were both clearly delighted by a truly wonderful evening! A fantastic night.

IMG_20160820_192634 IMG_20160820_192650


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