Challenges, Experiences, Journey’s and Creations… It’s all going on!


A bit like this photo, There is so much going on right now in my 40 ways of celebrating 40. Life, colour, creativity and enjoyment.

I’ve had 5 amazing experiences and the 6th is now booked. Hazel and I will be dining at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant! Having been to the Theatre, Wimbledon, Live Music and Beer tasting, food had to come into it and I’m looking forward to a really different and very special evening. I’m also hoping to begin my long overdue Reading experience of finally starting Harry Potter and also my first ever game of footgolf. I could be left with just two experiences remaining by the end of the summer. (A Silent Retreat and A Gig)

Hot on the heels of my first challenge, a 40 Mile cycle, I am gearing up for a full on Screen Detox with my second challenge later this month… A Screen Free Week! Yup no phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, the lot. With Digital Detox being in the news and having been online a lot this summer, the time has come for a full on break! I may also have a new challenge in the pipeline! It involves clothing and there are two options. A colleague is keen to challenge me to wear my beloved Norwich’s 3rd kit shirt for a week at work. My Children want me to wear 40 items of clothing that they choose from their current sets of rags, dressing up items, props etc. Maybe I could combine both challenges and wear that ‘Marmite’ Norwich kit as part of the 40 items to wear in 40 days!?


I’m looking forward to beginning my journeys with a long beach walk with my sister and plotting some other of the ideas for forming my other journeys.


I’ve started work on my 3rd creation, I’ve written a few parts of songs and keen keep on persisting with ideas. My 2nd creation of The Liturgy has had some very encouraging comments with a few people asking if they could make use of it, which I’m very happy to see.

Its been a great opening 2 months – 5 experiences, 1 challenge, 2 creations and a journey booked! 8/40 means I’m 20% complete and in less than 20% of the year!

I’ve also raised £200, which means I’m 25% towards my fundraising target. Thanks for all the support and sponsorship. I think I may well be upping my game and setting a more challenging fundraising target!

Thanks for reading and supporting.





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