Challenge 1: Saturday 6 August – 40 Mile Cycle


After 5 celebratory experiences and setting up this blog and creating a small piece of writing, This Saturday my first of my ten challenges in my 40 ways to celebrate 40 will begin. I’m under prepared but full of enthusiasm and hope. I’ve had my Bike fixed and I’ve got back into cycling to work. On Saturday I am cycling 40 miles!

To many this would not be very much of a challenge, but for me this feels like a big deal and a good challenge to kick start my overall series of 10. On the first full day of the Olympics I will be cycling part of the route that Bradley Wiggins cycled 4 years ago to win Gold. I had the great privilege of watching that race as the cyclists whizzed past on Waldergrave Road in Teddington. I watched that race in a cast, on crutches as I had ruptured my Achilles a few weeks before the Olympics began!

I’ve been really encouraged this week by the words of support and encouragement and also the very generous donations of support. I’m raising support and awareness for the work of two great organisations doing amazing work – Refugee Support Network and Tearfund

I’m setting out from Southall and heading to The Kingston Gate at Richmond Park via Teddington and Bushy Park. From there I will do 2 full laps of Richmond Park and Return to Southall via Bushy Park and Osterley Park – 40.8 Miles in total!

I’m looking forward to the experience. I hope to set out very early to avoid the heat of the day and also any traffic, and I’m hoping to complete the challenge in 4-5 hours.




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