Beginning the Challenges: Stepping Out


So far I’ve been focused on the celebrations and the experiences in the first month of being 40. It’s been a great month, and although the backdrop of it is couched and somewhat clouded by the political storms and whirlwinds of the past month also, it has been good to really take time to celebrate in lots of different ways with lots of amazing people.

Having experienced Who’s line Live and Wimbledon I have wanted to turn my attention to my challenges for the year ahead. Here is my current working list. I’m hoping to start soon with Number 3 and 4 looking like the way to begin.

1. Radiohead Weekend – Listen to all 9 albums and play a mini live set of Radiohead songs.
2. 40 Mile Cycle Ride to coincide with the Olympics. 4 years ago I watched the Olympic Road Race in a plaster cast. This time as Rio begins I want to cycle some of the victorious route that Bradley Wiggins took through Teddington, Hampton Ct, Kingston and surrounding areas. Hopefully Sat 6 August
3. 40 Miles of Movement in 3 days: I’m intending to walk to work and back on a Friday (15 Miles), A 15 Mile walk on the Saturday and a 10 mile walk on the Sunday. Hoping either 22-24 July or 29-31 July
4. Fit not Fat at 40. The above 2 challenges will help, but I’ve got to get it sorted!
5. Harry Potter: Read the Series
6. £40 Day Out Challenge
7. Weekend Challenge with 40 theme. I’m daring my family to help me with this one. I may regret it!
8. Family Challenge: We’ve done Live Below the Line and an Electrcity free Easter Weekend. What’s next?
9. Week Long generosity challenge
10. Screen Free week, Building on Screen Free Sunday’s in Lent.

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