It’s been an epic month


fall up and rise strong

I write this on the final day of what has been an epic, bewildering, overwhelming and rollercoasteresque month. It began for me in beautiful Cornwall as I enjoyed beautiful beaches whilst basking in the brilliant sunshine on a glorious family holiday. I had some great space and time to rest and contemplate the imminence of my 40th birthday and my plans for celebrating it across the year in 40 ways. I was blissfully unaware of what was to unfold in the days ahead with the tumultuous events of the EU Referendum, and before that the awful and tragic loss of Jo Cox MP and somewhat more mundanely in comparison the tepid and frankly underwhelming way in which England made their own exit from Euro 2016.

In between the Cornwall bliss and the rapid moving and dramatic events of the 2nd half of June, I did celebrate my birthday. It was wonderful being in Norfolk with family and friends, then starting my 40 ways with a wonderful evening out with Hazel to watch ‘Who’s line is it anyway? Live at the London Palladium, to celebrate with cakes and drinks with work colleagues and to then have a party the following Sunday in Osterley Park with local friends.

The events that followed have been dramatic, disorientating and somewhat depressing. However, in the midst of it all whilst my 40 ways idea seems somewhat insignificant, I was reminded not only of Jo Cox’s amazing quote about having more in common than what divides us, but also this wonderful quote from her husband Brendan.



I want to make this year a year of hope, of possibility, of enjoyment, of living life, with all its beautiful brilliance and all of its challenges and sometimes frustrations in all its fullness. I want to embrace these 40 ways with energy, with hope, with love and with enthusiasm.

I am hoping to celebrate experience #2 this Saturday at Wimbledon and have been doing more planning and thinking around the challenges, journeys and things I create. Today I lament and live with a degree of pain,  but also aware that I have so much to be thankful for, and so much to be thankful of. Today I pledge to #LoveLikeJo and below I posted something on facebook that I want to sum up my spirit, heart, honesty and hopes as I move forward in this year that I hope mean I live and celebrate the messy fullness of life in a 365 days a year way that goes above and beyond my 40 ways.


Matthew Currey June 28 at 10:59pm ·
How long? I have been afraid, fearful, naive, prejudice, judgmental, apathetic, lazy, ignorant…. I have been hopeful, big hearted, open, hungry, inspired, motivated, engaged….. I will continue to be all these things…. But I want to be more the latter and less the former to learn, to grow, to serve, to listen, to love, to care, to hope again… I will try and fail (with grace) and keep walking.
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