10 Experiences


I’m aiming for these ’10’ of my overall ’40’ to be my most celebratory and purely enjoyable. Here is my Current 10 as things stand. The first 3 are secured as I have them as generous gifts from my wonderful family!

  1. Who’s Line is it Anyway Live (Gift from my wife Hazel)
  2. A meal at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ restaurant in London (Gift from my Mum and Dad)
  3. A day at Wimbledon to watch the Tennis (Gift from my In Law’s)
  4. Fullers Brewery Tour (Got to visit your local brewery)
  5. A weekend adventure away with my Son
  6. A silent retreat
  7. Getting to see Bon Iver/Sufjan Stevens/Radiohead or failing these 3 to see another artist that I have on my gig wish list.
  8. A meal out as a family in a Waste Food PAYF Cafe
  9. Hazel and I going away for a few days together
  10. Playing Footgolf on a recognised course for the first time (With friends we played a lot of creative/freestyle footgolf before the growth of it as it is today)



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