10 Challenges


  1. Radiohead Day/Weekend – Listen to all 9 of their albums and even play some of their songs live!
  2. 40 Mile Cycle Ride
  3. 40 Mile Walk/Run over 3 days (Fri-Sun)
  4. Losing Weight (Fit not fat at forty! And Yes linked to challenges 2 and 3)
  5. Read (Finally and long overdue) the Harry Potter books.
  6. A £40 Family Day out (What adventures could we have? How can we use our initiative? What favours could we call in?)
  7. A day long/weekend challenge with a target of 40
  8. A family challenge (Charity Fundraiser – We’ve done ‘Live below the line’ and ‘electricity free’ weekend, what’s next? )
  9. A secret week long challenge with the theme of 40 connected to it
  10. A week free of social media/phone/gadgets/screens – Truly switching off in every sense. Hazel and I did ‘Screen Free Sunday’s‘ during Lent which was challenging and rewarding. This is taking it too the next level!



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